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2011 2015 4147 7428 8910 050612 052612 0678 1 of 27 finalists 700 entries 18th century plantation 1st place 1st place 2011 n. charleston arts festival 1st place 2017 sc wildlife hampton wildlife fund photography contest 1st place coastal carolina fair 1st place winner 2012 audubon award 2nd place 2013 sc wildlife federation contest 5th place 2014 candidate for charleston magazine 1st annual photography contest 2014 north charleston arts festival contest entry 2015 coastal carolina fair photography contest 2016 coastal carolina fair 2017 charleston magazine readers' choice award winner 2017 coastal carolina fair photography contest 2nd place 2nd place 2010 n charleston arts festival 2nd place 2013 north charleston arts festival 2nd place 2015 coastal carolina fair 2nd place 2016 cnpa members' choice photo contest 2nd place at 2014 north charleston arts festival 3rd place 3rd place 2014 coastal carolina fair photography contest. award winner 3rd place division 1 a metro perspective abandoned abandoned house acadia national park after rain showers afternoon shot air alley alley of oaks alleyway amtrak train depot an angel's light touch of remembrance angel architecture ardea herodias arizona around charleston 041010 around horseshoe bend arthur ravenel bridge arthur ravenel jr. bridge artisan artistic blur ashley river ashley river bridges aspen at crosby's at old sheldon church at tarvin seafood atlantic bottlenosed dolphins atlantic ocean award award winner az azaleas back lit back lit dogwood badge bahia honda barred owl barred owls barrel battery beach beach landscape beacon beaufort sc behavior best in show best photo in the fair award best photo of the 2016 coastal carolina fair birch forest bird bird in flight birds bisti badlands black and white black and white candidate black skimmer bleached log bloom blooms blossom blue blue hour blue theme blue's ripples blueberry barrens blueberry country blur boat boat tour boat trip with david ragin boats bonaventure cemetery bonding boneyard beach botany bay botany bay road boulders bouy bowl brevard brevard nc brick bridge bridges butterfly buttes ca cabin cacti cactus calm canyon de chelly cars chair charleston charleston beach charleston harbor charleston magazine 2017 images of charleston photo contest charleston sc charleston scenes charleston scenic charleston skyline cheerful cherryfield me city classic charleston scene cloud formations clouds cloudy day co coast coastal coastal sc coastal scene cobblestones cobwebs cold colin colin murray colorado colorful colors companionship composition compression constellation contrast contrasts cooper's cabin county park end of island crest of the wave cumulus clouds curves cypress trees dappled sunlight dawn dawn at the spider fountain dc april 2009 dc metro death valley death valley ca death valley national park depth desert direction dirt road dogwood blossoms dogwood tree dolphins doug gardner's workshop downtown downtown charleston downtown charleston sc drama dramatc sky dramatic light dramatic sky drayton hall drayton hall plantation driftwood dunes early early morning east bay st. eastatoe falls edge of america edwin s. taylor fishing pier edwin s. taylor fishing pier at twilight eerie en route to key west en route to wyoming end of the day energy enjoyment environmental portrait erosion exercise expanse fall fall colors feeding behavior fence fence line fern field finalist first place 2016 coastal carolina fair photography contest first place 2016 north charleston arts festival fish fish haul creek fl florida keys flow flower flowers fog foggy folly folly beach folly beach fishing pier folly beach north end folly beach pier folly beach sc folly road folly sunset food foreboding forest form forster's flight 39 forster's tern fountain framing fresh catch fresh seafood front light fun ga gatorland gourd gourd bowl grand canyon national park grand oaks graphic grasses grave gray great blue heron great marsh great smoky mountains national park green gsmnp hammock harbor scene high battery high tide hilton head sc historic home historic homes holiday decorations homes honorable mention honorable mention 2012 north charelston arts festival honorable mention 2013 north charleston arts festival honorable mention 2014 coastal carolina fair photography contest honorable mention 2016 cnpa members' choice photo contest honorable mention 2016 coastal carolina fair photography contest honorable mention coastal carolina fair hope horizontal human insignificance hunting island sc in the cooper's cabin iron pot isle of palms isle of palms pier james island jessup trail jordan pond juried print for piccolo spoleto 2014 kashakatuwe key west and fl vacation key west trip lake marion lamps land landscape landscapes layers leading line leading lines leaves light light and shadow light on the landscape lighthouse lines little blue cabin living local local landscape local shrimp location lodge alley long exposure looking glass falls low tide low tide at shem creek lowcountry lowcountry scene lower antelope canyon lupines lush macro magnolia gardens magnolia plantation and gardens maine maine lighthouses maine trip 2011 marine mammals maritime forest maritime hammock maroon bells maroon bells mountains marsh marsh grass me memories metro middleton place mist mixed lighting monochrome monument valley moody moon light moonlight moonlight on little blue moonlit morning morris island lighthouse motion mountains mr. john henry mt. pleasant mt. pleasant sc mullet n charleston photo project n charleston sc nature nautical navagation navajo land nc nc waterfalls ne near horseshoe bend near sieur de monts spring nebraska new mexico new year's day 2009 night night light night photography night sky nighttime nm north charleston sc nostalgia oak tree branch oak trees oaks ocean old door details old garage door old sheldon church on society st. in downton charleston sc orange outdoors overcast overcast day owls head owls head light owls head lighthouse page arizona page az palm tree palmetto trees palmettos parked path pathway pathway to imensity patriots point pattens patterns peaceful pearson's falls perspective photo walk pier pilings pink plant life plantataion plantation pond portland head light portland head lighthouse prickly prickly pear cactus prize winner promenade published published work published work charleston magazine october2015 purple railway rain rain clouds rainbow rainbow row raymond colin murray reaching towards heaven red red dumpsters red sand redblue complement reflecting on the day reflection reflections relaxation relaxing relics of the past repetition river scene rock formations rocks rocky coastline roped and secured rust rynchops niger safety saluda sand sand dunes sandstone santee swamps savannah sc sc 2011 sc audubon best in show prize 2013 sc new year's day 2009 sc wildlife federation contest 2nd place scenic sceninc scotts bluff sea sea oats sea wall seascape seattle seattle wa secluded second place sedona sedona az seeing shadows shadows and lines shapes shark shem creek shem creek park shoreline shrimp shrimp boat signal silhouette simple skeleton skimming the shoreline skimmmers sky slave cabin interior slot canyon small point smoky mountains sol legare rd sol legare rd marsh sol legare rd. sold print south carolina south rim southern landscape space contest for charleston center for photography spanish moss spartina grass spider fountain split rail split rail fence spring springtime st. phillips church standing tall stars state tree statue sterna forsteri still life stilts storm storm clouds storm light storm on the horizon stormy sky strand feeding strix varia subway summerton summerton sc sun sun rays sunbeams sunflowers sunflowers 2 johns island 070509 sunrise sunset sunset sailboat silhouette swamp sylvan taking flight taos taos nm tarvin seafood company telephoto compression tennessee tension tent rocks national monument tent rocks trail textures the big dipper the cooper's barrel three beams three bouys three buoys tidal creek tide togetherness tomotley oaks tomotley plantation tools tourism tourist trail train depot train station tranquility transportation travel travel tourism tree trees trees in the mist tursiops truncatus twilight twilight at folly two red dumpsters ursa major ut vacation october 2011 vanishing point vertical vibrance around the curve view from holiday inn riverview vision w. o. thomas jr. boat landing wagon wheels walk walking walking on the sunflower wall art warm warm light warmth warning washington dc washington dc metro water water lily water patterns waterfalls waterfront park wave waves weather webs welcome to charleston west mitten butte white white clouds white house ruins wild flowers wildlife winner winner mullet dinner with david ragin wonder wonder of the world wood wood grain wooden table woods working wyoming yellow yellow flowers yemassee sc zabriskie point
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